Build Your Own Skill

Build Your Own Skill

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Learn it once; build unlimited Skills

In the world of computer programs, we have a simple benchmark called, Hello World. For many years one of our founders wrote a lot of bash shell scripts, and in bash, this is what it would look like:

Guess what? We use a Hello World "skill" with Amazon's Alexa to get our interns up and running in as short a timeframe as possible. However, if you have spent more than about ten minutes looking at all the resources on the internet, you know that this exercise is a lot more complicated with Alexa's eco system.

We might could help...

But first, why would we? The short answer: We need skilled Alexa Devs to reach out first, best destiny. So, if you get good, we will want to talk again. {grin}

In four hours (hands on, with high speed internet required) we can teach you how to get your first skill published on Amazon dot com. One word of caution: Amazon alone will decide if your skill has merit. We teach how to build skills, obviously very simple ones, but you must meet all the requirements for it to go live.