CVB Alexa Skill
CVB Alexa Skill

CVB Alexa Skill

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Get your message out to over 100,000,000 Amazon Alexa devices across America!

The Pros from Wooster have built the ultimate Alexa Skill for your Convention and Visitors Bureau. Our CVB Skill integrates with your website or events/membership database to create a Frictionless Intelligence™ that creates a #VoiceFirst and "voice only" seamless interface. How cool is that?!

Did we mention this is an Award Winning Amazon Alexa Skill?

Pricing includes One Year subscription and 30 Days Premiere Support.

Our standard package requires your website or database generate a "Public yet secure RSS Feed" in order to feed or "populate" the Alexa Skill. Most websites offer this functionality at no extra cost including WordPress.

The price for this Skill includes the creation and integration to an existing RSS Feed and includes the first 365 days of operation. Plus, our Premiere Support for the first thirty days (30) is included at no additional charge. Yes, we hold your hand through the whole "GoLive" process!

Custom services are available should your website not provide a secure RSS Feed, for programming, content creation, and automation based on availability and at reasonable rates.

P.S. Give the "Visit Wayne" Skill from our friends at Wayne County CVB a try:

Alexa, open Visit Wayne

P.P.S. Pricing options are available if you prefer to pay by the month.