Virtuality Suite
Virtuality Suite

Virtuality Suite

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Part Concierge, Front Desk or Travel Agent, and Accountant...
all powered by Voice. Your Voice!

We have a higher standard than most: The Platinum Rule:

Treat others as they want to be treated!

A combination of Concierge, Travel Agent, Front Desk Agent, and Back Office Accountant. Member in good standing of the VoiceFirst Movement. Designed by the creative minds at AudioDash and powered by Voice Metric, LLC and the SurveyLine platform.

One of the newest skills from AudioDash, Virtuality Suite™ seeks to both serve the guest or customer (or in some circles, the client) as well as the staff on duty at any given moment. All powered by the user's voice. Securely. Responsibly. On time!

Join us in Dallas, Texas on June 4th for the "Go Live" event!

However, if you can't wait, here are some details...

Virtuality Suite! allows you to take surveys and polls – BY VOICE – that were created with the platform on demand on over 100 million Amazon Alexa devices. Perhaps closer to a billion devices if you include all the smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android!

Completing a survey (aka function or interaction) is simple – just say “Alexa, Open Virtuality” and you will be prompted for a Survey Name (or Code or function) to initiate the survey. From that point forward, Virtuality Suite! will prompt you with questions that have been set up by the company or organization that has retained Audio Dashboards to create the “backend” scripts and queries. Your process can be automated in as little as 24 hours!

Answer the questions to complete the survey and it will be submitted to the company or organization for analysis. Some companies and organizations may offer rewards or other follow-up information to you – in those cases, you may be prompted to provide your mobile number or your room number. Or the receipt number.

Surveys can be created to serve any number of needs or requirements including training Front Desk Agents or even creating dialogs that allow an Alexa device to serve as a Receptionist, travel agent, first line “customer service representative” and more! Yes, it sounds too good to be true. But it is true.

Behold the power of Alexa!

Join us for the "GoLive Event" in Plano, Texas on June 4th

P.S. Our suite includes seven (7) unique functions (aka surveys) as well as a free Alexa Flash Briefing driven by your blog or podcast. Additional functions priced based on complexity starting at just $250 each.

P.P.S. Pricing subject to change without notice.

Introductory Price, Save $1000 Today!
Price Valid through June 30, 2019

Questions? Text VIRTUALITY to 330.275.3959

We are excited to extend our offerings in hospitality with Virtuality Suite. A branded tool created on the SurveyLine™ platform. SurveyLine is a trademark of Voice Metrics, LLC. 

Agile Audio Dashboards is co-inventor of SurveyLine and Authorized Reseller.